Sunday, May 16, 2010

Eyeliner Comparison

Well... I'm back :) Are you guys tired of me apologizing for being gone? I'm sorry! Everything in my life right now is hectic, to say the least! Summer is coming however and I WILL be posting more frequently I promise but please hang on for now.

On to the good stuff... I finally figured out the camera ordeal and I have decent quality now! So to celebrate I thought "why not take some pictures?" That would be the only right thing to do. Lets get on with it...

Urban Decay 24/7


Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner

So here are the two swatched on my hand...

The one on the left is the Urban Decay and the one on the right is the Prestige. You tell me which one is darker. Many people are under the impression that the UD pencil is the best one out there... darkest, creamiest, and longest lasting eyeliner. I used to think that as well that is until I purchased the prestige. Obviously the prestige liner is much darker and in my experience stays on MUCH longer and it is just as creamy. After I let these stay on for about two minutes I ran the smudge test by rubbing my fingers across both of them and what do you know? The prestige liner didn't budge where as the UD liner faded some.

Do I even have to say it? The Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner is the winner! It is so black, its creamy, it stays on, AND it is half the cost of the Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner. I suggest you all try this out before you, lack of a better word, waste your hard owned cash on the over hyped UD.

It seems like I'm hating on Urban Decay but I really think they have some great products. I have a couple palettes and some lipliners which are nice but I have been loving THIS a lot...
Yes, ladies and gents, the famous UDPP. I usually use MAC's paintpots as bases and I have several other eye primers but I finally gave in and bought it and I'm glad I did.


  1. Another "good" "cheap" eyeliner is Milani liquif'eye pencil. I have them in black and gold and I love them. You can get them on if you havent tried em. They are well worth the price.

  2. Thanks! I've heard about those... I will definitely check them out!