Friday, May 28, 2010

Haul: Elf Studio Line

ELF will always hold a place in my heart because it was the very first line of makeup I bought from and it was basically what started my passion for makeup.

My first purchase was from the regular line where everything is only $1! I haven't bought much from them in a while not because I didn't like the products but simply because I began wandering around in different brands and kind of... forgot about the line. I still get email notifications from ELF for sales and I thought I would take advantage of the 50% off on the entire Studio Line since I've heard good things about it. *Lots of pictures because there are lots of swatches*

Oh and I got to play with these products so I am capable of giving mini reviews. First and foremost, the Powder Brush.
People have said that this brush is fabulous for liquid foundation but as I have mentioned before, I've never tried liquid foundation. I can tell that it would work though because of the denseness and when the time comes, I will try it for that reason. As of now I use it for bronzer. Overall it's a multifunctional brush and it's super soft too!

Speaking of bronzer... I also ordered the Warm Bronzer.

I didn't even bother taking the picture without flash because you couldn't even see them. So the farthest on the left is all of them swirled together and then the following is each square separately. This product is way too powdery!! When I swirl my brush in it it looks like a sand storm... plus it smells weird.

Now on to the blushes!
Top: Left is Peachy Keen and right is Mellow Mauve. Bottom: Left is Gotta Glow and right is Candid Coral.

L to R: Mellow Mauve, Gotta Glow, Candid Coral, Peachy Keen. I LOVE these blushes because they are so pigmented! I'll admit they are a little powdery but no where near how the bronzer is. By the way, Gotta Glow is a gorgeous highlighter and I don't own NARS Albatross but I hear they look very similar.

Eyeshadow time.

Swatches L to R: Pebble Saddle, Mystic Moss, Sand Dollar, Amethyst, Wild Wheat (I know you can't really see it... It's a nude color), and Raspberry Truffle.
With flash:
Without flash:

I don't have a base under those shadows and the pigmentation is still really decent. With $3 a pop you can't go wrong with these.

The only product I wouldn't recommend is the bronzer but I was very satisfied with everything else. Do you recommend anything from ELF that you love? I would love to try new things for my future order :)


  1. I love that brush for foundation! I need to try the eyeshadows and the Gotta glow blush looks really nice! :)


  2. I can't wait to try it out for that! Eyeshadows are nice and the blush/highlight is amazing!


  3. PeachyKeen blush is amazing I love it now I want to try some of their shadows.

  4. Peachykeen has to be my favorite! Eyeshadows are pretty amazing for the price :)