Saturday, April 17, 2010

Orange You Gonna Have a Tart?

Pathetic title numero dos. In my defense, I am trying to give off a very obvious hint in the title. Get it? Proabably not...

In my previous post I told you I was going to figure out the whole camera thing and guess what? I did! It isn't perfect so please excuse the blurriness. I tried to put it on ten thousand different settings but it still didn't work and I have no patience so... yeah. The problem is it doesn't focus whenI take pictures close up but when taken far away it's crystal clear. Whatever, I (probably my boyfriend) will get it figured out and it will be picture perfect in the future.

Anyways, onto my first review! Again I apologize for the poor quality but I'm working on it.

Essie Tart Deco

I got this gorgeous shade at Ulta a few weeks back and I am loving it. However, it is not true to the color in the picture. It looks extremely peach but in actuality it is a bright orange (hence the title). The formula is amazing, two coats is all you need to get an opaque finish. If you are looking for a more peachy color I suggest China Glaze Peachykeen which I have also and love just as much. Tart Deco has "spring" written all over it so you couldn't pick it up at a better time. Overall, this polish gets a thumbs up from me.


  1. Love this color. I wanna go pick this up today.

    Come check out my fashion blog.

  2. I have Tart Deco aswell and I love it! It fits the definition for spring :)

  3. It really is the definition for spring and summer! Highly recommend it :)