Saturday, April 10, 2010

May the month...right?

Okay I'll admit, the title is beyond pathetic but what can I say? I'm far too excited to think of one creative! Don't worry though, my juices will start flowing in the upcoming posts (lets hope). Anyways, who am I you ask? My name is May and I'm just an ordinary girl who loves makeup! I am a self-taught makeup artist and I plan on freelancing in the near future. I will be attending school to become a nurse because I love helping people. With that said, there is much more that I love besides makeup as well. I could list hundreds of things but I wouldn't want to bore you all! So, to keep it short, I love my family and my friends. But on to why I made this blog. I have been watching YouTube makeup videos for a while now and though I would love to be a guru and start making videos, I have not found enough courage to do so... yet. I do have an account (XSMirage) in which I keep open until one day I face my fear and start uploading. However, until then, this is where I shall be reviewing products, product raves, swatches and so much more!

I view makeup as a creative outlet for me. As a child, I hated drawing with crayons, instead, I used my mom's lipstick. It can transform the way one looks not only by the outside but the inside as well. I love watching "make me up" shows and I love seeing the finished result but more importantly, the expression on the person's face. Makeup, to me, is not simply something you slap on your face day to day but something that brings the beauty inside you shine through. Making this blog is something that is and will be fun for me and I hope you all will enjoy it just as much as I love doing it.

So lets wrap it up! I am not perfect, I curse a little more often than I would like, and last but not least, welcome to my blog!



  1. Haha ahhh! Your like a copy of me:D Can't wait for you to start blogging, I'll keep in touch. Good luck cutie!^^

  2. I completely agree with you on what makeup is and does. Great work on your blog and I hope to see you on youtube soon. :)

  3. I'm building up the courage LOL one step at a time right? Thanks sweetie!