Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stylish Blogger Award #2!

Is this crazy or what?!  I didn't know whether I should do this again because I was just given this award but I thought why not?  This is a way my readers can get to know me a little more and vice versa!

The ever so beautiful KelliKelso passed this onto me.  That is so amazingly nice of her  :)

The rules of this award are :

State 5 Random facts about yourself and tag 5 bloggers!
Things about me...

1. I can't cook. At all. I've tried numerous times and I honestly can't remember if even one thing came out right LOL... that's really embarrassing.

2. I drive a black Mazda 3 and I love it.

3. I've taken many different kinds of lessons.  I'm talking dance lessons, horseback riding lessons, karate lessons, ice skating lessons, piano lessons, and swimming lessons. I didn't stick with any but I promise I'm not a brat! I was forced to do some and others... I guess they just got old.

4. I used to have a golden blondish hair color. I don't know what in the world I was thinking!

5. I have arachnophobia. I get goosebumps by simply looking at a spider. I seriously just got chills when I typed s*****!

The 5 beauties I will be tagging are...


  1. I love number 3. I can totally relate. :)

  2. thanks so much for the award hun!

  3. Thank you so much :) I can actually really relate to some of those, esp the spider one haha they give me shivers too!! xxxxx

  4. Thank you so much sweetie! Also,nice to know some things about you :)
    Tonia xx

  5. Your welcome!! Can't wait to read all your facts :)


  6. OMG!! I've been so busy working, I haven't been able to blog LOL..thanks soo much for tagging me!

  7. hey hun, im having a huge makeup sale on my blog so please feel free to check it out ;)